Wednesday, June 14, 2017

More than bears...and other tales.

Some inspiration from George Winter... 
in 1940 the year i was born
an older cousin of mine buried a jar with a dollar bill
dug it up yesterday
and guess what?
it had the purchasing power
it was worth 17 cents
this explains what give a pile of money
if you don't spend to stay alive
a life of live of its own
a life that produces greed 
Saw a Pile of Money
coming down the street
was it the wall street parade
the free market economy
celebrating itself

the money pile’s executives, directors
the CEO, managers, stock holders
they were all there
coming along with their pile of money
well they thought it was theirs
but maybe it was the other way around

one pile after another
came down the street
looking for a place to invest
had to be more profitable than the rest
or their organization, their corporation
would weaken, get eaten
get gobbled up by the competitors
or if there was no good meat, no fat
just left to rust, combust, rot
or just to dry up and blow away in the wind

were was this most profitable investment?
who had labor to sell most cheaply?
the best part of the workers day to rape
 Mother Earth to rip wide open
rich resources to plunder
and then market whats been taken from
taken from the earth that was once living
 from your life as well
market every gram of whats been taken
to the point of selling more than is there
oh the consumer doesn’t get it
but that’s part of the take

but, but where is there to invest
everything profitable has been occupied
there’s more of everything than people can buy

invest in the air?
the air?
the water?
the soil?
even the toxics have been put up for sale

the pile of money comes down the street
its owners, its managers
come along with it
look what we own they gloat
the pile of money laughs
“who owns whom?”
but then sighs
“we have to speculate, gamble
build a bubble, trick others into joining us
get their money, boost the prices up
get out quick before it burst
leave them take the losses

by now the pile of money is exhausted
but so are the others
the owners are left where we have been all the time
with nothing
or to much money to invest
with nothing worth buying
nothing but our minds, bodies and spirit
which we refuse to sell
Thanks, George... 

Friday, March 10, 2017


Time to take this all up again...I've re-activated my 'Wyrdchao Kallisti' FB account again to poach all my 'cognitive bias' posts (see the Pendleton Book Blather group there for the entire history).  I will do my best to repost the comments as well, and invite the people who contributed to join here.

In the long term, I will try to take up where I left off in the cognitive bias list on Wikipedia; I think it all started when I was reviewing "God and the State", a long fragment of a an essay by Mikhail Bakunin, one of the founders of Rational Anarchism.  We miss you, Bob Heinlein....